AZ Optical Dispensers

Providing Quality Eyewear to Arizona for over 50 years

AZ Optical Dispensers


High Definition Progressive Lens Packages from $349

HD package includes High Index, Premium AR, UV, Scratch Resistant, Selected Frames and 1 year warranty.

Compare to national companies at $555 w/o frame.
HD single vision lens packages for $249.

Arizona Optical Dispensers

Arizona Optical has been proudly serving eye care needs in Arizona for over 50 years. Arizona Optical Dispensers works closely with doctors to give our patients premium eyewear and the latest lens technology to give you the best vision possible. Our licensed and board certified opticians provide high quality eye glasses at an affordable price. Arizona Optical Dispensers accepts several insurance plans.

Arizona Optical offers complete frame and lenses from $89.95! At Arizona Optical Dispensers, we pride ourselves on our personal customer service. In the prescription eye glasses business, Arizona Optical has earned an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability. Arizona Optical Dispensers only carries current eye glasses frames. This means that you never end up with out of date overstock and no discontinued eye glasses like many “fast food” style eye care retailers.